Thursday, August 21, 2008

Various random thoughts on the film list

The closing night gala is Stone of Destiny, about the theft of the Stone of Scone which is kinda funny because I just last weekend watched the episode of Highlander in which Mac, Fitz and Amanda are revealed to be the ones who lifted the rock. Okay, so that’s just funny to me.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno is a Special Presentation, and I noticed that Traci Lords is in the cast list. Which got me wondering if this is the first time Lords is onscreen at the TIFF, but then I realized that as a John Waters veteran, it’s probably not even the first time she’s been thirty feet high on the Visa screen.

In between my recent 24 marathons, I’ve rented a couple of former festival flicks lately. Saw Shortbus (2006) last night and liked it quite a bit, though the ending was way too inconclusive for my liking. There were some truly spectacular moments of pathos, though, particularly the former mayor’s lament and the closing song. And I rented The Boys and Girl from County Clare pretty much on whim (an hour and a half of Irish reels and Andrea Corr’s cheekbones? Sold!) only to discover later that it had played at a Gala in 2003. It was…fine, I guess, entertaining enough despite a script loaded with more clich├ęs than a Bon Jovi lyric; I’m still sort of puzzled as to how it made the gala cut.

Only two of the galas worry me about subsequent general release possibilities: Who Do You Love and The Good, The Bad and the Weird. I really hope there’s a Mongol-style surprise and Lionsgate or Alliance picks them up for theatrical.

Two weeks to go!

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