Sunday, August 31, 2008

Screwed by punctuality: sagas of the bin

Number fucking nine.

Saw on the TIFF site that the number selected (was it not randomly computer-generated? did they ask someone's kid what his favorite number was?) to begin the ticket draw was number nine. And I, of course, dropped my ticket form off on Wedneday mid-afternoon and it went into bin number (wait for it) eight. And they filled seventy-eight boxes with forms. How many forms in a box? Fifty? So are there 3900 people who will be processed before I am? Am I going to get a single one of my top picks? Looking over my list I see at least seven I can pretty much guarantee will be filled before my form is drawn.

Seriously, at this point it's probably for the best if I think negative thoughts; the surprise waiting for me in my inbox later tonight or early tomorrow morning can only be an improvement.

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