Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Things falling into place...

Short update the email yesterday afternoon, and for the third year out of four in which I've been participating in the ticket package lottery, I got my top ten picks. So it looks like I'm kicking off my TIFF '09 with the 6PM screening of An Education next Thursday. Especially pleased with getting the Michael Caine Mavericks show.

Spent an hour or so last night doing round 2 of the Program(me) Book ritual, namely going over the schedule to find which of my backup picks will fit into the gaps and discovering other possibilities. I'm a bit fuzzy (and the TIFF website is a bit vague on the subject) as to whether Special Presentations, when purchased as individual tickets from September 4th onwards, are still twice as pricey as regular screening tickets, and if that also applies to subsequent screenings of the films--speaking of which, a lot of the Special Presentations don't premiere at the Elgin this year, which seems odd. If they are, that rules out Cracks and Solitary Man. Still, even though I still have to keep blocks of time free for a dentist appointment and the Nick Cave book signing, I can squeeze in four or five of the following: Fish Tank, Bran Nue Dae, Giulia Doesn't Date At Night, Tanner Hall, The Search, My Tehran For Sale, and Hipsters. Gotta rank those before I line up at the tent Friday...Tehran definitely, Tanner Hall as well on the off chance that Amy Sedaris will show up.

8 days 'til TIFF

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