Thursday, August 20, 2009

Film list day

With mind reeling from finally watching the Series 4 finale of Dr. Who (god, could I have a bigger crush on Eve Myles?) time to tackle the fully-posted TIFF list. Oy. Once again, regretting only getting a ten-pack, even with the four or five individual tix I plan on picking up I'll still miss a lot.

A few things I noticed: no Baltasar Kormรกkur movie this year, in fact only two Icelandic films, one of which is a documentary largely in English (judging from the trailer) and the other a multinational co-production starring Brian Cox and Paul Dano so I guess no whimsical Reykjavic family dramas starring lovely elfin redheads for me this year; no Takashi Miike; still no Palermo Shooting, which has been in the can for so long I'm sure we'll have to wait for his next film for another Wenders appearance at TIFF. There are, as usual, new offerings from the Coen brothers, Carl Bessai, Johnny To and Steven Soderbergh.

As for what I want to see...okay, here's the tentative list of the twenty movies I'd most love to see, the Can't Miss ones marked with an asterix:

Five Hours From Paris

The Disappearance of Alice Creed

The Misfortunates


The Loved Ones*

Timetrip: The Curse of the Viking Witch


The Most Dangerous Man In America


In conversation with Michael Caine*


L’affaire Farewell*



Giulia Doesn’t Date At Night

Fish Tank



La Donation*


So...more than the usual quota of French-language films on the list...and shit, no Indian movies. I'll have to look deeper once the book comes out. Only three Midnight Madness movies, as I figured I'd be cutting back this year, but as I suspect that Daybreakers will get a regular release I'll probably pass on it for the fest. With the Danish time travel flick, that could be my first-ever Sprockets Family Zone screening. First Israeli movie as well. Michael Caine? Oh wow...that's gonna rock, I suspect that'll be one of the fest's hottest tickets.

Got an invite today on FB for Nick Cave, apparently he's doing a reading/signing of his new novel at Indigo at the Eaton Centre in the middle of the fest. That's going to poke a hole in my schedule, for sure. Does Cave have a movie in the festival as well? Has anyone snatched up the rights to "And The Ass Saw The Angel" yet?

How come the rain didn't cool everything off?

8 days 'til FanExpo
21 days 'til TIFF

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