Friday, September 5, 2008

The press needs an attitude adjustment

Okay, this insomnia, this waking up at 4:30 every morning no matter what time I turned out my lights the night before, this has really got to stop if I’m going to make it through this marathon.

First day of my vacation, and I’ve got two movies today: JCVD at 3:15 and It Might Get Loud at 9:15. Easing into things, I guess…tomorrow I’ve just got an evening show of The Ghost, and Monday is my first three-flick marathon.

More exhaustive fest coverage in the free weeklies yesterday. Glad to see that one of my gambles, My Mother, My Bride & I, is getting raves. Now included a Stella Artois pullout which features an easy-to-read schedule, a couple of glossy interviews and still more snarky promo. Seriously? In promotional material, should the first person singular pronoun appear quite so often? Who’s Barrett Hooper and why should we care that he’s got nothing to add to the tired “TIFF is the launching pad for Oscar season” meme? Does Glenn Sumi work for TIFF or Stella Artois? And if it’s the former, do the programmers mind that he calls some of their picks “stinkers”?

I’m not sure why the press coverage is bugging me so much this year. Part of it seems to be a tone of “cut ‘em down a peg” from outsiders but there’s plenty of pissing from inside the tent as well. Does TIFF have a few problems this year? Judging from what I saw and heard on ticket pickup day, sure, but can’t we put that crap on hold for ten days? Not to sound all Tracy Flick here, but can we have a little pep and spirit for the home team for at least a week?

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