Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hellboy II: The Semi-unflattering Comparison

Saw Hellboy II: The Golden Army last night, which I suppose I was looking forward to as a summer popcorn muncher, and it certainly had its moments but ultimately left me kind of cold. I wonder if I'm just getting burned out on the whole "visual innovation for spectacle's sake" aesthetic, as I also thought Wanted was boring as crap a couple of weeks back. Don't get me wrong, Hellboy II is miles and away better than most generic summer movie junk. The performances are uniformly excellent and the makeup/effects work is well-nigh staggering. Plus I could watch two hours of Selma Blair and her cheekbones reading the phone book. Still, Guillermo del Toro is someone I'd categorize/lump in with Tim Burton in that he's a visual stylist who's a much more interesting director than, you know, a good director. If the Hellboy movies are del Toro's Batmans, then I guess Pan's Labyrinth is his Big Fish (and by the same token Devil's Backbone is his Corpse Bride? Blade II is his Mars Attacks? Probably best to leave this thread unpulled..).

Anyway, this is sort of a stopgap ramble to get my new blog up and running. More to come later today.

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